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Your ticket to the 2019 CAA Learning Weekend!

Join the CAA in Sarasota, Florida from January 24th – 26th for the 2019 CAA Learning Weekend!

Our Thursday speakers include Desiree Herrmann and Jill Ryder along with a ‘Celebration Party’ for the World Equestrian Games Gold Medal Winners. Misdee Wrigley Miller is our key speaker on Friday before we depart for Prospect Stable where we’ll see John Cuneo Jr.’s carriage collection and a horse ‘exhibit’ by Desiree Herrmann; Bob Longstaff will discuss appropriate turnout using Cuneo vehicles. Ken Wheeling, Wendy Ying and Carl Casper will speak on a range of topics on Saturday morning before we visit The Ringling (Museum of Art, Circus Museum, etc.).

Additional information and registration forms are available here.

You can also purchase a ticket online through the CAA Bookstore at

Added bonus – the weather in Florida averages 70 degrees in late January!

CAA Driver Proficiency

We’re very pleased to announce that CAA Driver Proficiency Evaluations for Level 1 & Road Test and Level 2 (except driving the unfamiliar horse) will be offered at The National Drive, October 5 & 6, at the Hoosier Horse Park, Edinburgh, Indiana.

How to participate:

1) Review the appropriate Proficiency level requirements – booklets available at
2) Fill out the application and mail to the CAA with payment (Applications are available in your booklet or here)
3) Fill out application for stalls, etc. for the National Drive and return to the National Drive
4) Receive an email from the CAA confirming time and place of evaluation
5) Complete the evaluation!

The CAA will also have a booth at The National Drive on Friday and Saturday.